China has evolved from a ‘Made in China’ model to a ‘Made for China’ opportunity. The worlds second largest economy offers a market that companies cannot afford to overlook. Are your products and services ‘Made for China’?

Everyone knows the recent data show China holding its place as the top source of imports into the US after having jumped ahead of Canada, Japan in Mexico in the past decade. But do you know that China also rose to become the US number 3 market for exports in 2010, up from number 18 in 1090 and number 13 in 2000?

Many US companies who once saw China as a threat now see it as an opportunity. Many Chinese companies are looking for US quality which is still superior to Chinese goods and services, particularly in areas including medical technologies and products, semiconductors, chemicals, copper and other materials used in producing products, and of course ‘famous’ American consumer brands are wildly popular.

While many small and medium-sized businesses want to sell into the China market, the world’s largest emerging market for consumer and industrial products, developing a successful sales strategy can be a formidable task. Chinese laws, regulations, language, and cultural differences all pose enormous challenges to western firms. Sometimes companies capable of producing the finest products are frustrated at their inability to reach a broad Chinese customer base, or are perplexed over their loss of bargaining power with China distribution channels.

CUBD can help you to improve your sales efforts in China through:

  • Market Research on your product segment, industry and channels
  • Developing a comprehensive understanding of the major characteristics of the target Chinese market segment(s).
  • Identifying and qualifying Chinese strategic and/or distribution partners.
  • Access to e-commerce platforms including our sister companies network of 2,000 Universities
  • Develop ‘test’ markets to gauge market acceptance
  • Creating promotion programs that work in the Chinese market.
  • Structuring and developing an effective China sales network
  • Provide complete business development outsourcing plan fit to your requirements

Please contact us to start selling into the world’s largest growing market in weeks instead of months.

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