We can help you mitigate the risk of the ‘mystery’ of sourcing in China

CUBD has nearly a decade of experience in sourcing products from China for USA companies. We have developed a reliable network of factories in segments including communications, electronics, Class 1 medical devices, color printing and promotional- advertising premiums. Sourcing from China provides significant cost advantages and our clients experience dramatic savings that only can be achieved through direct manufacturer relationships and boots on the ground to manage the process.

While there are B2B websites promoting you to work directly with China factories, often there are too many unknowns in this type of a relationship and as such have created many horror stories. Many of these are ‘trading companies’ that will charge commissions and often won’t take responsibility for your project.

CUBD acts as your company’s on the ground agent and will qualify and visit the factories for you, negotiate terms in the local language on your behalf, manage all communications directly, and arrange shipment to your door. With offices located in China, we understand the culture and the “language” of the factories and as your agent, we liaise on your behalf during the entire process.

Service Overview:

  • Work to ensure your specifications meet factory expectations
  • Identify multiple factories to find the right partner
  • Perform due diligence
  • Background check of factory (upon request)
  • Visits to the factories
  • Develop mould and samples
  • Manage communications during sample process
  • Negotiate minimum order quantity (MOQ)
  • Negotiate pricing and terms
  • Your payments are made to our USA company
  • CUBD manages payments directly to the China factory
  • Audit and inspect production
  • Audit and inspect completed order (prior to payment)
  • Manage sea or air shipping

Unless you are an experienced Chinese buyer, have your own personnel in China, or you’re a wholesaler buying large quantities of standard goods you should consider buying via a sourcing partner like CUBD. As your agent, we help you mitigate your risk and take the ‘mystery’ out of sourcing in China.

Send us an email with your requirements to info@cu-bd.com

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