China’s appetite for investing in and licensing US Medical Technology continues to be at the forefront of its Government’s long term plans. If you believe that your Medical Technology has a potential market for the 1.4 billion people in China, before you invest financial and human capital we will develop a customized and affordable market intelligence report specifically for your companies product or service. Each report is tailored to your specific market needs including:

• Specified market data about your product to understand the current market conditions and the opportunity in China
• Chinese NMPA (fka CFDA) Regulatory protocol for your product
• Domestic and international competitors currently in the China market
• Social and private insurance reimbursement criteria
• China ODM and OEM plan
• Market entry model options for your product to assist in making intelligent strategic decisions

China’s market is driven by unique factors and complex influences not prevalent in the US marketplace. CUBD has more than a dozen years of experience across multiple disciplines in order to help you develop your successful China market strategy before you commit human and capital resources.

Once your Chinese market plan is complete, and you decide to pursue the China market, our team will arrange meetings with government officials and senior executives of the leading companies within your specific market segment. Our China market experience spans segments horizontally, and we have deep and long-standing relationships with various local, provincial and central government agencies as well as private sector companies who have been vetted by our team.

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