Save as much as 90% on your China Law & Regulation review

China is complex and often lacks predictability in its business environment. China’s current legal and regulatory system can be opaque, inconsistent, and arbitrary as well as constantly changing. Implementation of Chinese law is also inconsistent. If you and your employees are not intimately familiar with the Chinese regulations for operating and maintaining an international office or business in China, chances are your company will be out of Chinese compliance. And lack of compliance with Chinese laws and regulations can be very costly.

According to the American Chinese Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) 2010 report, China’s regulatory environment became the most problematic business challenge this year. This represents the first time that companies have ranked “inconsistent regulatory interpretation” as their top challenge, replacing “management-level human resource constraints,” which had held the number one spot since 2008.

If you ask eight different lawyers for their opinions of Chinese regulations, they might give eight different answers, based on their own narrow knowledge, and charge handsomely for them. If you do not feel comfortable with this approach, now you have an alternative.

We provide China law and regulation review services for a flat fee, that’s likely10% of the typical cost of a US law firm legal review.We provide China law and regulation review services for a flat fee. We outline the specific regulations that your product, your service, your business, or your investment may require to participate in the China market. Our goal is to provide a simple, more efficient, more reliable, more cost-effective solution for companies or people interested in how Chinese regulations will impact their strategies. Our report saves money and helps mitigate the risk of entering into the China market. This is an important safeguarding step for companies seeking to understand the regulation facts (not opinions) before making a critical business decision.

Benefits of a CUBD China Law & Regulations Review:

  • Cost effective: One time flat fee per report. No hourly charges.
  • Provide facts: Summarize all related regulatory matters in a concise report. Fact based without opinions.
  • Customized reporting for you or your specific business requirement in English or Chinese.
  • Provides you the knowledge and facts in order to make the proper business decision and/or if you wish to discuss further with your lawyer.

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