CUBD Launches Remote Eye Diagnostics -R.E.D.- in China

CUBD Launches Remote Eye Diagnostics -R.E.D.- in China

Cincinnati, Ohio: Shenzhen, China: November 6, 2014: CUBD launched the remote eye diagnostic telemedicine platform R.E.D. at the Tianjin American Telemedicine Association Conference and Exhibition on Tianjin, China in October. R.E.D. was also prominent at the Guangzhou Ophthalmology Conference also in October.

R.E.D. is a cloud based remote eye diagnostic platform targeting the millions of diabetics in China. Early patient screening by taking retinal images helps prevent serious diseases such as diabetic retinopathy. R.E.D. markets to eye hospitals and primary care providers in an effort to reach the more than 140 million diabetics in China to promote early screening.

CUBD Founder and Managing Director Jeff Holtmeier presented at the ATA conference in Tianjin to the audience of Chinese ophthalmologists, and R.E.D. was prominently displayed at their new booth.

Attendees of ATA China at the R.E.D. booth

Jeff Holtmeier presenting at the American Telemedicine Association conference in Tianjin, China.

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