As a foreign company, it’s often difficult to perform a background check or due diligence on a China-based prospective partner, supplier, or company of interest. Notwithstanding the language barrier, the complexity of the cultural and regulatory landscape makes it very difficult to verify claims without being indigenous with a command of the many local languages.

Our on the ground team in China has assisted companies from many industry segments with on-site visits, background checks, GMP audits, and customized due diligence so that you know exactly who you are doing business with.

Communication with your target partner is crucial to any successful business relationship. Our team provides a bridge for you to quickly and effectively close the language chasm and unpack any misunderstandings.

Our reports include verification of public credentials (Alibaba, company website, etc.) financial information including registered capital, available media research, corporate registry records, export licensing and public records on key company individuals.

Our business intelligence reports are designed to provide you with key information that you need to be informed and to stay on top of regulatory changes that may impact your relationship with your China-based partner/supplier.

Upon completion of the reports, our team can provide an ala carte menu of services that enables you to have eyes, ears, and boots on the ground to manage the relationship with your counterparty.

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