Our primary clients are small and midsize companies in the Information and Medical Technology sectors who are operating within or planning to enter the China market. Almost exclusively, these clients are referred through previous clients and/or our network of professional service providers.

We are committed to providing our clients with the maximum amount of flexibility in choosing the way that we deliver our services. Our goal is to develop long-term partnerships to help companies evolve more effectively in China market with our local Guangzhou office and our large network of cooperation partners. The following tenets of our core values guide us towards achieving mutual success.

Experience shows that it takes more time, money and resources if companies attempt to do business China by themselves, and B2B web based brokerage services only provide partial solutions. CUBD offers hourly and monthly retainer based fee structures that will fit most budgets. For ongoing support, CUBD’s annualized fee structure is less than the cost of a single US management employee and without capital investment and risk.

We wish to establish long term relationships to ensure the best results and we are invested in every project that we take on. We are highly selective and will not take on any projects that we do not believe will be mutually successful.

Our wide social and business network and ‘Guanxi’ throughout China helps you and your company reduce time and cost of achieving your goals. Our active database of more than 500 Chinese companies with high level contacts is made available to our clients.

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